This year’s theme is to achieve the best childhood education as a partnership between the child, parents and Mak-Jolly for the academic, physical, emotional and spiritual growth of a child.


English, Numbers, Writing, Reading, Creative Activities,

Music, News, Story Telling, Drawing, Physical Exercises,

Social Skills, Religious Education, Literacy 1 and 2.

Every Thursday the children meet in a Hall to hear and share the word of God for 40 minutes on addition to the normal the religious educations lessons

set up in the curriculum.

Additional subjects/activities

Computer lessons are offered for one hour from Monday to Thursday.

Tailoring is offered twice a week for both boys and girls.

Friday afternoons are set for either debate, quiz, handwork, molding or cooking.

Children have games and sports every day between 3 pm and 4 pm where they also have training for athletics and football.

Scouts club meet every Friday.

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