New school van

Fundraising for a new school van

Dear Parents, Family and friends of Mak-Jolly School, we need to get a new school van for 2017.

Our grey school van from 2013 was parked in 2nd Term, so we operated with the blue car and motorbikes. Unfortunately some children stopped coming

to Mak-Jolly school because of this. The blue car is in a bad condition, so it will proberly be parked also. We need your help to get a new school van.

We go to 26 villages near Kiryandongo to pick up the children in the morning and bring them back in the afternoon. The Parents pay a little bit for gas.

The car service helps to get the children safe to Mak-Jolly school on time.

If we do not get a new school van to pick up the children, then they will have to walk many kilometers to Mak-Jolly school, some without shoes, and it is

not good for young children under age 7 to walk so far. Many will come late. Or maybe they will find another school or not even go to a school.

Your donation will make a huge difference, give an opportunity to the children to go to Mak-Jolly school and get a good education.

We hope to get a van like the grey one we had or a taxi like this photo:

A used taxi in a good working condition will cost around 20 million Uganda shillings, it is about 42.000 Danish kroner and a new taxi costs around

45 million Uganda shillings, about 93.000 Danish kroner. A lot of money, but with your help, we are confident, we will have a good school van.

School opens on 6th February 2017, so we do not have so much time to raise the money for a new school van. Deadline 1st February 2017.

Please donate, so our children can be brought safe to Mak-Jolly School.

You can donate through:

Mobile money + 256 786694212 or at Mak-Jolly school in Uganda

Mobile money to Maureen Kabasinguzi + 256 782720955 Uganda

Transfers to Bank:  Reg no. 1569     Ac. No 0001436244

Mobile Pay Denmark: +45 94743

Contact Info:


We thank all contributors may God bless you!