Fundraising for a new building

Dear Parents, Family and friends of Mak-Jolly school, we need to do something about the construction of our very first classroom block; you can be the first to buy a brick and have your name inscribed on the MakJolly Wall of Fame. Get your brick number now!!

Right now, the school owns one unfinished new building, one small temporary building with three small rooms and rents 1 office room. The temporary building was constructed when the school had only 56 children but the number has gone up to 215. It is a good thing when more children want to be in school but the question is how do we help them achieve their goal?

We are happy to say with the help from our parents, family and friends, we have now put up the new building 30 meter long and 8 meter wide. 3 big rooms which we have partioned to get 6. You can check out the pictures in our web gallery However, the challenge is, the building has no windows, plaster and the floor is not smooth. Something needs so be done as soon as possible so our children can have a good learning environment. So, please buy your brick now!!

Here you can see the bricks that are still available.

We thank all contributors may God bless you!

Ugs 1brick                             Kr. pr. stk.                        USD 1 brick

ROW 1 COSTS                          2.000.000/=                               5.000 kr.                                 870 $

ROW 2 COSTS                             400.000/=                               1.000 kr.                                 174 $

ROW 3,4,5,6 COSTS                    200.000/=                                  500 kr.                                   87 $

ROW 7,8,9,10 COSTS                  100.000/=                                  250 kr.                                   44 $

ROW 11,12 COSTS                        60.000/=                                  150 kr.                                   26 $

ROW 13,14 COSTS                        40.000/=                                  100 kr.                                   17 $

Click here to get your brick number                            

You can pay for your brick through:

Mobile money + 256 786694212 or at school in Uganda

Mobile money to Maureen Kabasinguzi + 256 782720955

Western Union to Maureen Kabasinguzi


Transfers to Bic SWIFTCODE: DABADKkKHBK     Reg no. 1569     Ac. No 0001436244 Denmark

Mobile Pay Denmark: +45 94743

Please send your name and preferred number on the email below:


Or call:

Maureen Kabasinguzi +256 782720955

Mak-Jolly School +256 786694212

Per Hansen +45 52 73 27 80