Fundraise for boardingsection girls

 Fundraise for boardingsection girls

We have started the construction of the new boardingsection for girls at Mak-Jolly Kindergarten, Primary and Daycare Center.

The building is 17 meters long and 8 meters wide.

There will be room for 60 children. We are building this boardingsection for girls and orphans so they can be more safe.

We have reached up to beam level and we could need some help with the roof, doors and windows. At the moment we do not have 60 beds,

so donations are most welcome.

You can donate through:

Mobile Money Uganda: +256 782720955  (Maureen Kabasinguzi, Uganda), or  +256 786694212  (at Mak-Jolly school, Uganda)

Mobile Pay Denmark: +45 94743

Money transfer: Bank 1569 0001436244

Please mark the donation: "Boarding"

We thank you for your donation and may God bless you.