Welcome to Mak-Jolly Kindergarten Primary and Daycare Center

We provide a nurturing atmosphere for the children that nourish young imagination and instill self-confidence.

Our program is designed to enrich the most important stage of the child’s growth and development. We have several different programs to fit the needs of you and your child. We give an opportunity to orphans to study by sponsorships provided by friends and well wishes from within and abroad.

We have a low teacher to pupil ratio and a limited class size. These factors are to ensure that each child receives individual attention according to his or her needs.

Visitors are most welcome to visit the Kindergarten, Primary and Daycare Center, please contact us, if you want more information.


Term 3 begins 9th September 2019.

Term 2 ends 23rd August 2019. 

Fundraising for a borehole. Clean drinkingwater.

"Mak-Jolly Football Academy" starts 16th February 2019.

Registration of Kindergarten.

Results from P7 exams 2018.

Fundraising for boardingsection for girls.

Fundraising for a new Kindergarten building.

We create an environment that inspires the curiosity and creativity among the kids. Therefore we plan events and special happenings.

Camilla Teilmann, Denmark, and Lone Jørgensen, Denmark were appointed as Ambassador for the school.

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