Volunters are most welcome because help is needed in many places around the school. You can help out in one or many classes. Plays and games

and sports activities. Playing music, singing and dancing. Teaching computers. Drama and painting, coulering. Helping in the kitchen and serving tea

and food for the children. If you stay for one, 2, 4 or more weeks, you are most welcome.

There is 126 children in the kindergarten and 230 children in the school up to Primary 7 (2018). The children are so happy and smiling and loves volunteers.

The teachers enjoy sharing their work and teaching methods and they hope to get new inputs from you.

We require a Childrens Attest from the Police.

We will pick you up in Entebbe Airport and provide the transport up to Makjolly School in Kiryandongo, about 4 hours drive.

Also we provide the transport back to Entebbe Airport.

We will make a reservation in Max Hotel, Kiryandongo, just 10 minuts walk to the school. Max Hotel is good. Single room is about 50.000 ugs/

105 kroner/16 us dollar for one night and the cost is all yours. It includes breakfast. Good bed with mosqitonet, a good toilet and hot water.

Tv in the room. WIFI (sometimes). In case of failure electricity they have a generator. Laundry service. Security. Can eat dinner at the hotel.

Lunch is served in the school. Water in bottles is available in the school.

It does not have to be work in Makjolly school all the time.

There is so many great sites in the National Park and so many wild animals to see. Beautiful waterfalls.

Sightseeing in Kampala. Boattrip on the Nile. Rhino Sanctuary in Kigumba. Great Golf courses. And much more.

We can help to arrange that.

Volunteers are most welcome to visit the Kindergarten, Primary and Daycare Center, please contact us, if you want more information.

5th April 2018: Facebook post by volunteers Ida and Mary after 6 weeks in Mak-Jolly

"Volunteering at Mak-Jolly school for 6 weeks has been an amazing experience.

Thank you so much for the love and for taking good care for us. Being a part of Mak-Jolly has been a dream come true.

We are so grateful for the staff and we want to thank you for everything you did to us; to the Kitchen Lady who made special food for us, even when she was sick. To the driver who drove us anywhere we wanted to go, even on weekends when he was free. And for the teacher who invited us at her home and made food for us with her family. And last but not least thank you to Maureen who always made sure that we were alright and escorted us to Kampala for 4 hours and drove back again to Kiryandongo the same day just to make sure we arrived safely - thank you so much!

Thank you Maureen Hansen and Per Hansen for the good work you have done to all those kids in Kiryandongo who need help. You are both such a blessing for them! We will pray that everything will be fine and your plans for the school will come true. It has been a pleasure to be a part of your lovely family. We will surely come back.

Best regards from your volunteers Ida and Mary".

3rd March 2018: Facebook post by volunteer Magnus after 4 weeks in Mak-Jolly

"Thank you to everyone who has been part of my stay in Uganda, and especially in Mak Jolly. It has been the most fantastic experience. Meeting the staff and children, who are all amazing, being a part of their everyday life, and learning so much about a place that is so different from where i come from. But one thing stays the same no matter where you go in the world, i find. Kids are kids, and they want to be loved. And they are loved at Mak Jolly.

Special thanks to Maureen Momo Hansen for being a pioneer and starting the school, and letting me to be a part of it.

Special thanks to the staff and people around Mak Jolly who welcomed me with no hesitation.

And lastly a special thanks to the UN and Prisco Dalla Fontana for making sure we got to the airport in time.

I will come back to Mak Jolly many times in the future, and i already miss it all".

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